Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

Are you a mom asking:
• How can I get my baby to sleep at night?
• How can I stop rocking, holding or feeding my child to sleep?
• How can I teach my child to stop catnapping during the day?
• How can I stop my child from waking frequently throughout the night?
• How can I transition my baby from the family bed into their own cot?

If you are one of these mom’s, please get in touch to find out how I can help you.
I understand these challenges as I was one of those moms that was so tired and sleep deprived with my first son that by the time my second child arrived, I was running on empty. I still remember being heavily pregnant and having to hold my 2-year-old to sleep. When my 2nd son was born I really did my best to not get into bad habits again, but he had reflux and I held and rocked him to sleep and by 18 months I was beyond exhausted! I was still getting up frequently throughout the night to rock him back to sleep
How it all changed:
A good friend gifted me a sleep consultant as she knew that something had to change as I was not coping. Did I think it would work? No! Was it hard?… SO hard! But it worked and was so worth it! I taught Oliver to fall asleep without needing me to rock or hold him! My husband had his wife back, my kids had their mom back, I was more ‘’there’’ and happier. Our whole family dynamic changed as I was getting the sleep I needed. Oliver was happier as he was now getting consolidated sleep!
I wanted to help other moms that were going through what I had. After years of unnecessary sleep deprivation…. here I am, a certified infant and child sleep consultant. I am based in Port Elizabeth, but I help families all over as my work is done via phone, WhatsApp and email.
What it entails:
Sleep training is not just about the “training”, it’s about looking at sleep as a whole and teaching your child healthy sleep habits. It all starts with the groundwork in the form of a personalised sleep assessment where we look at: sleep environment, sleep props, age appropriate wake times, nutrition, feeds, night plans and a routine. The routine will make sure that your child is getting the right amount of sleep at the right time so that they are not going to be overtired.
Once the above has been put in place we look at a settling technique. This is where the training comes in to teach your child to settle without needing you to rock, feed, hold or bounce them back to sleep. Does a settling technique equal cry it out? No, it does not. I am more a gentle sleep coach, but we will need to match the right settling technique to your child’s temperament and what you as a parent are happy doing. I will give you options where you are in the room supporting your child through learning their new skill to giving your child a little space to work it out.
I will work very closely with you over two weeks and will change the plan and tweak the technique where necessary to suit your little one. I will guide and support you all the way!