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I’m Beth

Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

Personalised sleep plans and support

Waking up through the night?

Sleep is important for little ones and essential to their growth, a good nights rest is as good for them as it is for you.

Waking too early?

Often once your little one has woken up getting them to bed again can be tricky

Helping You Find Rest

My Story

I was once a sleep deprived mom. It all started with my first-born Joshua, who did not sleep well from birth. When Oliver was born two years later, I was praying for a good sleeper… but I made the same mistakes as I did with Josh. Oliver would wake up many times a night and I would rock him back to sleep, sometimes for hours. I lived on auto pilot for years. I did not look forward to night-time. I ended up lying awake in his room most nights feeling exhausted, frustrated and beaten after failing to rock him back to sleep. A good friend of mine gifted me with a sleep consultant package. It took about a week before Oliver started sleeping through and has been sleeping so well ever since. I had my life back and our family is so much happier. I only wish that I had gotten help sooner!

Helping child to sleep through the night

Sleep regressions

Transitioning your baby from family bed to cot

Waking too early

Helping your baby learn to settle on their own


Fed and held to sleep associations

Nap refusals


Through my experience, I developed a passion to help other families get the much-needed sleep they need. I decided to train with Baby Sleep Consultant based in New Zealand which has equipped me with the tools I need to do so.
My passion is to help tired moms know that there is help out there and they don’t need to just “deal with it” with the hope that one day their child will just start to sleep better. I want to be able to help babies develop lifelong healthy sleep habits.

My business name was inspired by my youngest, Oliver. The ‘Night Night’ comes from Oliver’s bedtime routine where I read his Night Night book before saying “Night night!”. I’m sure this was the reason that his first words were…. “Night night!”


As much as we are always learning, babies have a bit more to learn and figure out as they have just started out on this grand adventure. Some of what they need to learn is what is good for them and how to do it, sleep is good for them and helps them grow and develop but they need to be shown the patterns and how then best times to do it.


“Beth I have no words to thank you enough for your help. My 2 year old was waking between 6 to 12 times during the night and was still breastfed (despite my efforts to wean him). Your valuable suggestions and advice along the way has completely transformed our lives. My little boy now sleeps through the night and I no longer breastfeed. The best part is my son now wakes up happy and no longer exhausted, Beth you have been so patient and calm throughout this process that I never felt alone or too overwhelmed. Thank you so much for the incredible support and helping me in transforming our lives. Its been wonderful for our family to all finally get good sleep, couldn’t have done this without you…thank you! “

Genean Catto

“I want to thank Beth for all the great advise she has given with regards to my little boy’s sleeping pattern. She gave great advice on setting routines and creating a suitable environment to enhance his sleeping pattern. Thanks Beth for your professionalism and expert advice! “

Carina Potgieter

“Beth, how do I begin to thank you for what you have done for me and Liam. From him waking 5 to 7 times a night to drink milk, to only waking once to have a sip of water. We are finally getting some sleep. You were amazing, patient, caring and supportive during the process and I thank you form the bottom of my heart for everything! Keep up the brilliant work you are doing “

Louise Nel

“I would recommend Beth to anyone who is having problems getting their little ones to sleep. It was the best thing I did making contact with Beth. Thanks for all your help and support over the few weeks.”

Bronwen Bowels NeePerry

“I am so so impressed with Night Night Sleep Solutions with Beth. I originally started my son on a different program and for 9 months I kept trying but he seemed to be waking up more at night. I saw no change and began to give up hope. Within a week Beth highlighted the issues and worked with me by easy step by step solutions…resolving even his reflux symptoms. I could not believe how simple it was and what easy fixes. She is so kind and shows incredible empathy, she made me feel like she was with me every step of the way. My son sleeps at 6pm and wakes at 7am… he no longer has 3 bottles at night and is much happier. I have a Routine that makes life so much easier for the family. I am just thrilled. I would highly recommend Beth, especially because she has lived it…she is so passionate about your baby’s wellbeing. I think because she is a mom of little ones…she preaches what she practices 😉”

Chantel Keppie

For more testimonials and success stories please contact me and I will happily share them with you.

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